An entertaining, educational, and ecological television series and most importantly – a  mobile game. The mobile game ‘Save your Planet: Home, City and Urban Adventures’ has been developed, produced and publish by Adaiah Distribution Systems.
Targeting all ages, but especially kids and the younger generation. The objective of the project is raising awareness of the public in the (ever increasing) environmental problems.
The intention of the project is for everyone to make small (effortless) changes in their lives that will collectively make a difference in the environment for future generations.

Every single episode and level is dedicated to a specific environmental problem, with a funny and easy way for children to understand what they have to do.  In accordance with that, game’s graphics follows with simplicity and clearness, providing a pleasant and unique 3D environment.  Children are rewarded after finishing every level with animated birds and ducks signing and dancing for them.

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Compatible with all mobile devices.