We Are Adaiah Distribution Inc.

Leading the adoption of 3D printing in the gaming and entertainment industries.

Mobile games that rewards gamer performance with real-life 3D printed prizes through integration with Appaloza.

3D Printing Marketplace

Appaloza is a first-of-its-kind marketplace for 3D printable files that brings designers and consumers together in a secure environment.

3D Integration Platform

Our advanced API and toolkit allow developers to integrate seamless 3D printing into their apps and systems via the Appaloza gateway.

3D Printers

The Wyatt is an intelligent and easy-to-use 3D printer with features like wireless connectivity, web interface and remote mobile access and control.

3D Printer Controller

The Whip brings wireless connectivity to 3D printers enabling users to monitor and control their 3D printing on the go using their handheld devices.

Mobile Games

Save Your Planet Kids (Home Adventure) is an eco-educational game for toddlers and children teaching ways of saving valuable natural resources.

Untapped Markets

Adaiah Distribution Inc. are exploiting, and enabling others in adjacent industries to exploit new business models with low time-to-market through 3D printing.