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Wyatt 3D Printer

Most 3D Printers currently on the market require a high calibre of technical ability to operate well, making them inaccessible and frustrating for many. We imagine the near future of 3D printing to be as simple as clicking ‘print’..

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The Whip – Web Enabled 3D Printer Controller

Introducing, “The Whip” – a device that works with our Appaloza Cloud Platform, to help improve and monitor your 3D printing, using the internet, a camera and an LCD touch screen. What makes this even more special is that The Whip is compatible with just about any 3D printer on the market.

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Appaloza 3D Printing Platform & Marketplace

A first-of-it’s-kind 3d printing platform and marketplace. A secure online 3D marketplace for designing, collaborating and printing with ease brought to you by Adaiah Distribution Inc.  This is the “next big thing” in 3d printing.

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